Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC is the fastest way to drive real traffic to your web site. Pay per Click is very simple but it requires a constant management and a brief understanding about the network. This provides us a greatest return on investment with help of a constant research. In PPC the online advertisers will pay to search engine owners on an agreed PPC rate. This decreases the amount gradually for each click. The rate also changes depending upon the keyword bidding. The fixed pay per click will be set on a single or network content websites.

After doing PPC work it appears in a coloured box on SERPs page which get separated from a regular search. Those website which uses PPC will display the advertisement when searched keyword matches on advertiser’s keyword list. Such Ads are called as sponsored links or sponsored ads.

The reason for why companies stick to PPC advertising is that, companies are now in cost cutting measures where they think to spend more on other modes of advertising which make them to invest high so they opting for a PPC for advertising solution. They believe that they can generate leads via online which gives them a better profit for their development.

Web Development Apps PPC services include:

  • A dedicated pay-per-click consultant for PPC campaign management
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Account set-up and PPC campaign management
  • Analysis of titles, meta descriptions, and landing pages for each keyword.
  • Assistance with multiple ad networks: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.
  • On-going monitoring & optimization

We also do evaluation service for existing PPC. If you are in PPC for a year and do not see any changes as still, we are here to guide for your success by suggesting opinions from experts which includes:

  • Create an overview of your current status
  • Evaluate your keyword targeting
  • Provide keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ad content review & optimization
  • Analytics reports with expert assessment
  • Actionable recommendations for your PPC management

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