Magento CMS

Magento a feature rich platform which gives the web site owners to control the look, content and the functionality of the site they own. Magento the rich e-commerce solution providing flexibility and control over the appearance, as well as brief functionality for shopping sites. The web service features are well built in Magento where the adapter facilities make it ahead for the e-commerce solutions. It also facilitates a great search engine optimization, powerful marketing and tools to develop makes the online merchants to create or edit sites that best suit their business needs which should be unique from one another.

There are various editions available in Magento and you can go for the best which suits your requirements. By choosing the best edition not alone increases the customer management but also makes your order management easy. It focuses on Catalogue browsing and management and when you integrate on Google Analytics account you can easily find the behaviour of customers on your site which helps to achieve better results. Advanced product browsing techniques also helps you to achieve your target audience easily.

The significant reason for its adaptable and versatile is that it uses several key coding practices for both web platform as well as e-commerce platform.In E-commerce platform Magento includes features for including product display options, transaction options, product categorisation and shopper filtering and discount rates and multi store and multi site functionality.

As a web platform, Magento features are seen in MVC (Model-View-Controller).

The difference between the traditional CMS and Magento CMS follows:

  • Controlling the display on each view via layout files
  • Blocks can be inserted in any view easily via the layout
  • The usage of model re-writes system

Our Magento developers are expertise in:

  • Database management
  • Developing dynamic website
  • Project management
  • Shopping cart on E - commerce
  • XML, PHP, Script, MySQL

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