Joomla Website Maintenance

Web Development Apps are proud to offer website maintenance plans for our existing clients as well as for new clients. If your website is made of Joomla and don’t have time to work on it or don’t have a technical knowledge to implement then we are here to help for you. Maintaining your web sites is more important to make it most effective and worth. Obviously Joomla maintenance is the professional choice for your web site to be good. We have gained experience on doing website maintenance, specializing in PHP/MySql configurations. For your immediate need Contact Us at

Our plans in website maintenance includes:

  • Joomal version updates with security
  • Components, Modules and plugins updates.
  • Bug Fixing
  • Monthly back up copy for your website
  • Monthly, detailed invoicing
  • Updations on calendar or events
  • Adding upcoming events
  • Add photos, graphics and charts
  • Text Rewamping

Our service offers a best solution for your development to undertake responsibility of maintaining and improving Joomla web site. Joomla website maintenance is a huge term which refers to make your Joomla website up to date. We assure by signing up for one of our maintenance plans you only pay a fraction amount for what you spend to hire a website professional full time.

Sign up now and get guidance from our professionals who are ready to assist you for your future growth.